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This problem started after the 310.90 drivers at start up my gpu usage would jump up I 100% and I would have to reinstall the video drivers to fix it. Now on the latest drivers it either freezes on the windows logo or after the logo it goes to the black no signal screen. Booting up in safe mod is fine and booting up with no video drivers is fine also . I've tried reinstalling windows no luck their and even tried installing it on another hdd same problem are my cards dying? Someone please help .

Haven't updated my rig but this is the specs

470 sli
Intel i7 920 ( stock)
6gb corsair dominator gt
Corsair AX 850
Msi x58a-gd65

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Have you forgoten you flashed your cards with nibitor to a higher speed??? (I did
) --> Maybe they run hotter/unstable

Do you use OC software? Maybe without drivers the OC software does not recognizes the card, thus not OC it. The moment you install the drivers it will OC way to high or something...

Also try the drivers from EVGA site. I had random BSODs a while ago with a newer nvidia driver... Rerolling the driver for 5 versions did not help...

I uninstalled the nvidia driver.


I downloaded and installed latest ASUS driver (for me
) and no more BSODS after all!!!

Meanwhile I accidentially updated them with nvidia drivers again, but seems to work again...

I'm on 313.96 now, but seems like a new one?!, hopefully that won't crash
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