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GTX 580 Monitor Flickering

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I got a shiny new EVGA GTX 580 OC last week and has been having a little issue since I got it. Basically I have dual 23-inch Apple Cinema Displays and the second one flickers about once every five seconds.
Very irritating. Anyway here's what I know so far:

- Does not appear to be an issue with the monitor itself as swapping out with my old 8800 GTX and the issue is completely gone.
- Physically swapping the DVI cables attached to the card and the same monitor flickers.
- Switching primary/secondary displays in the Display control panel and the same monitor flickers.
- Refresh rate on both monitors is set to 59 Hertz, I can change it to 60 but it won't save the setting.
- Disabling the "working" monitor and the problem monitor works perfectly, hook up the 'good' monitor again and the problem monitor starts flickering again.
- Some how it fixed itself after a long gaming session (I suspect, anyway) but after a reboot the problem returned again.
- Driver version 266.58

Basically no matter what I do it's always the same monitor flicking even though there appears to be nothing wrong with it. Any ideas?
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I know you listed a Driver version, but is that Generic or you using the actual monitor driver?
Looks like it's generic for the monitor itself:
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Have you tried looking for the actual monitor driver? Even the cheapest of monitors have drivers for them... Now if they do any good vs generic... probably not, but its worth a shot.
Just thought I'd post that I updated today to the new 270.61 WHQL drivers and the flicker problem seems to be gone now.

Also Apple doesn't seem to provide official Windows drivers for their old Cinema Displays, only their new ones and you must get them off a Snow Leopard install DVD, they're not available for download as far as I can tell. Thanks for the help.
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