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I'm having this problem lately where my computer would randomly shutdown. After my computers initial shutdown I can't boot past the windows logo for some reason. I'll have to boot my GTX 580 Matrix in Safe Mode and run recovery then reboot to solve the issue every time. This happens once every 2 weeks, what is going on here?
Just to mention, I've been running my GTX 580 on stock for some time now with good cooling.

I'm also having weird steam artifacts. But playing games is just fine without any hiccups.


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Supposed to wait 24 hours before you bump a thread.

Not enough info, probably same as you feel.

Really obvious stuff .. everything plugged in properly? No shorts under board, no dead bugs, no vermin excreta or urine, cpu properly seated, no overheating?

Done a clean install of GFX drivers? (Not the NVIDIA "clean install, but full Driver Sweeper Safe Mode type reinstall?)

Is data corrupted on HDD or is HDD failing?
Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt (Run as Administrator) sfc /scannow
Drive/Properties/Tools/ Error-Checking (Check the drive for errors)

Checked RAM for errors?

Power Supply OK? Do you have a spare you can try?

Really, process of elimination. Hopefully not a dodgy component....
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