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Hey guys Im having a weird as ***c issue. Ill try to be concise.

Up to Windows 10 Preview release, I was using 8.1, with nvidiaInspector to force idle clock or constant clock on my 680, because it likes to have a dynamic clock while in gaming otherwise, anywhere from 850MHz to 1215MHz, resulting in stuttering.

I get Windows 10 Preview, but this forcing of idle clock and constant boost method doesn't work because K-Boost doesn't work. So I say ok, ill try to play without, and let it dynamically change its clock. It turns out, it works better than on 8.1, and clocks stick pretty close to 1215MHz mid game. Then after a few weeks, these weird crashings started to happen. First, the video signal cuts out, my monitor says its not receiving any signal, but everything still runs in the background. At the same time, the GPU fan goes on full blast. Sometimes it reboots by itself, sometimes I had to reboot the PC manually. The reason its weird is because temperatures were normal, 60-70C, maybe 75C max, the VRAM is fine, just under the 2048MB at 19XX. I had crashes regardless of whether or not my CPU was overclocked (2500k, 4.4GHz, 4.6GHz, or 3.3GHz stock). My RAM is 16GB Corsair Vengance at 1600. PSU is HX750, silver grade.

Then the issue started happening when I would start videos, or resume them, or just while watching them. I use a beefy video player, the KCP pack with MPC HC, and set at the highest setting for decoding. Then it started to crash when I would switch between HDMI/TV output back to DVI monitor. Then my GPU drivers crashed a few times, but the GPU itself didnt crash nor did the system reboot, it just restarted the drivers by itself, this would happen outside of gaming.

I then went back to Windows 8, did my nvidiaInspector setup with Kboost from Precision X and MSI afterburner being used after Kboost was turned on (Precision X wasnt used again). For 1-2 weeks, everything was fine. No crashes nothing. I was playing DOTA 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition these past weeks, everything was fine. Normal temps, normal GPU performance, as in i was getting the frames I would expect from a GTX 680.

Last night I got in about 3 hours of DA I. At first I had the settings at high-ultra, with 60fps, but then I got to the Hinterlands section and fps took a dive to 40-50, so I said Ill go Ultra everything and lock to 30fps. So I played for 20, 30 min or so like that. Then this morning, I start up DA I, and I go to switch MSAA to 2X and I drop down Post Process AA to medium, everything else was Ultra from last night, and about 1-2 minutes in it crashes again. Monitor loses signal, GPU fan goes full blast, I can hear the game sounds in the background. Temperatures were normal, VRAM was just under 2GB, 30fps lock was normal but still crashed. BTW this is on 3.3GHZ stock CPU, its been like that since Windows 8 installation. So I think maybe because I enabled MSAA that made it run out of VRAM or something, even though I was monitoring with MSI afterburner/rivatuner. So I go back, set MSAA back to Off, and start the game. It works for a bit longer, this time 5-10 minutes, then it crashes again. Same thing, monitor signal cuts out, GPU fan at 80% or 100% or w.e its max is.

On both Windows 10 and 8, Event Log Windows/System doesn't show anything wrong. Theres the kernel pnp thing, that shows my system shut off unexpectedly, but nothing else.

I know its a long read, and I thank everyone who has some insight on the issue
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