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GTX 780 Classified, Galaxy GTX 780 HOF or HD 7990?

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I can only afford one card, which one should I get and why:
  • HD 7990
  • Galaxy GTX 780 HOF
  • GTX 780 Classified ACX
I don't care about looks, I just want the best performer on air.
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7990 is the fastest if you don't mind dual gpu.
7990 will give you the highest fps, if you can deal with the micro stutter, games spazzing out on dual gpu configs etc etc. The latest drivers helped some of the problems, but they still exist.

still i would get the 7990.
After new drivers, 7990 hands down. It's a pleasure to play on it.

I was about to jump ship due to micro stutter... now I don't see a reason to chose a 780 over a 7990 unless it drops its price dramatically.
with AMD getting a handle on frametime consistency with 13.8 beta the HD 7990 is the better option. phase 1 has resolved dx11/dx10 games. the phase 2 driver due early next month should take care of dx9/ opengl and eyefinity.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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