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I have two Asus GTX 780s, and I am looking to sell one of them. I could be interested in a trade as well for anything with a waterblock on it. One is a reference 780, the other is a DCUII. The reference just comes with the waterblock. The DCUII has the stock heatsink and fan that I can ship with it.

Both overclock into the 1200mhz with Kepler boost. I mainly keep them at stock since I run out of VRAM before I run out of GPU grunt.

I can either of these without the waterblock for less.

Also, I could use an x99 CPU.

I am also up for trading the DCUII card for a reference GTX 780 with a waterblock.
I'd also be interested in a trade for both cards for something.

I will take $500 for the pair.
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