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I just put together a new rig, first water cooling setup and all. Everything has gone relatively smoothly except when I install the nvidia drivers for my GTX960 all sound sources on my computer have crackling/latency/distortion most of the time. The problem will be visible running latencymon within 10 seconds. Any time the processor seems to start a semi-intensive task, like starting a youtube video, opening a new program, the crackling will occur.


Gigabyte Gaming 7 Z170
16GB Corsair Dominator RAM
Thermaltake 1050 Platinum PSU
Samsung 950 256GB Pcie SSD
Clean install of Windows 10 x64

With drivers installed:

Tried onboard audio, usb audio and audio via HDMI/DP all have the same issue.
Tried latest and second latest drivers, no change.
Tried installing only display drivers and audio driver instead of full suite, same issue.

Prior to installing drivers for the GTX960 but running video off the card, cannot recreate the issue.

Swapped GTX960 with old ATI 6990

Uninstalled all nvidia drivers and installed full AMD Catalyst drivers, I could not recreate the issue.

Does this sound like a partly defective card? Sound issues become immediately apparent when driver installs and switches to higher resolution.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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BIOS on your motherboard up to date?

Have you tried doing a custom install option for the Nvidia drivers and exclude the Nvidia Audio drivers?
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