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im curious cause im ocing my card and doing bench marks and at a certain point my heaven benchmark crashed and this pop up came out this application will be blocked from accessing graphics hardware. now it wont let me use heaven no more, does ocing damage my card? i just bought it
i ocd'd it through msi afterbuner, the mas power limit was 106, i have the core clock at 250 right now and memory clock at 500,, i just cant use heaven no more since windows blocked it. do i just keep raising the clocks till my gAMES CRASH? i havent touched the core voltage at all btw

i never messed with the voltage. i only moved the core block and memory clock and put the power limiter at 106 max, or do i just go back to stock settings? and not oc? even if i go back to stock did i do any damage to my card just by what i did?

. i put reset back to stock settings. as far as what i did, did i mess anything up on the card or do damage? decrease life on it? i am paranoid right now since i just bought the card i need reassurance from someone here that knows what their stuff.
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