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I have an EVGA GTX1070 FTW edition (ACX). I recently got a water block for it, as my case has is fairly restrictive, so the fans had to go nuts when it was under full load, and I already had a custom loop.

It currently runs (overclocked) at full load at under 40C while gaming and superposition benchmark (it scored 9544 at 1080p high.) I have got the core clock up to 2076MHz. It could run 2115MHz, but wasn't totally stable, games crashed after a few minutes.

I was wondering if there is a way to get more than 1.093V on the card, as voltage seems to be the limiting factor. I know the temps seem too good to be true, but I think the readings are legit, as while under full load, the back of the card is barely skin temperature. With stock cooling it was almost too hot to touch.

I heard (somewhere) that pascal BIOS is encrypted, so modding is out of the question (correct me if I am wrong. I saw what looked like a scam on a cryptocurrency mining forum, but thats it.) There is one card that let the voltage go up to 1.025v (can't remember its name.) This may be a really dumb idea, but I saw somewhere that someone recommended flashing this BIOS to a different card.
I have master and slave BIOSes, so doing this will not render the card useless if it goes wrong.

What would you recommend?
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