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GTX280 Dead or Alive? ALIVE! (fixed)

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So a week or so back I got my GTX280.

But now I have some problems with artifacting and games locking up.
ATiTools will only last for 2 seconds without artifacting.

Is my GTX280 dead already? My temps never went over 80c which is way lower then critical temperature.
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Originally Posted by Papa.Smurf
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Are you locking up with stock clocks?

I have yet to try to overclock.

I just got watercooling today but they delivered the wrong parts. >
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It should not be artifacting at stock clocks....

Have you cranked the fan up while testing to be sure it is not being caused by overheating?

If so you need to contact manufacturer and RMA... Again... Sorry, I know that is a PITA but I would get it over with now before taking off the stock cooling and going through all that trouble

I just checked the clocks and for some weird reason the shaders were OC'd to 1500+!

I cleaned the OC and reinstalled the drivers and I'm good to go again!
when ocing, use furmark instead of ati tools. Ati tools tends to show artifacts even when your card is fine.
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