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gtx280 sli power supply

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hey all.

So I have this Corsiar HX620 and it ran crossfire'd 4870's just fine. I am attempting to move onto a gtx280 sli setup. I am thinking this just won't keep up at this level.

Can you all give me a hint weather this will work or not?
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it will work.. corsair is a great psu maker especially if it crossfired 4870's
it is a great PSU but will not power 280's in SLI. There was someone who posted here with the same PSU that had issues with power. He eventually jumped to an 850 and problems solved.
One GTX280 is around 236w. With SLI scale, it needs 400w from 12v alone. Liked microman said. It may work but it is on edge.
I think my power supply might go up for sale soon.

So what power supply that wont break the bank should I get. I would like the hx1000 but thats a tad pricey.
For your best bet, and you be set for a LONG time, grab the Crosair HX 1000W, can do 3-Way SLi GTX 280s. So your 110% set for a good long time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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