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GTX580 DCii heat question.

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hey there guys, for the past week ive been useing my new gtx580 DCii, the 3 slot beast, and im just wondering if the temps im getting are normal. i tryed looking online, but couldnt find ant info on gtx580 dcii heat, just the 570 version.

Idle im getting around 30 degrees, and after playin BFBC2 for about 2 hours my temps are around 52 degrees. is this normal?
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52 C is considered very cool. overclock that beast
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iron ... yeah! Max temps at 1.15v, overclocked is like 71º or so
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GF110 chips top at a 97 degrees. If you want to be safe keep it under 87 and you will be fine for as long as you own the card (unless you do something stupid like trying to put 3 V through it the core).
Those are very nice temps don't worry about it.
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