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[Guide] How to access appdata quickly & easy

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A quick way to access: C:\\Users\\[user]\\AppData\\Roaming.

1. Go to any windows explorer window (my computer, my documents, my pictures, ect).
2. Type "%appdata%" without quotes, and hit enter.

It will take you directly to that folder.

A quick way to delete the data for an EUE

Additional commands (Thanks Ictinike)


Variable                        Typical value (May vary, depending on system)

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%     C:Documents and SettingsAll Users
%APPDATA%                 C:Documents and Settings{username}Application Data
%COMPUTERNAME%       {computername}
%COMSPEC%                C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe
%HOMEDRIVE%              C:
%HOMEPATH%              Documents and Settings{username}
%PATH%                     C:WindowsSystem32;C:Windows;C:WindowsSystem32Wbem
%PATHEXT%                .COM; .EXE; .BAT; .CMD; .VBS; .VBE; .JS ; .WSF; .WSH
%PROGRAMFILES%         Directory containing program files, usually C:Program Files
%PROMPT%                  Code for current command prompt format. Code is usually $P$G
%SYSTEMDRIVE%          The drive containing the Windows XP root directory, usually C:
%SYSTEMROOT%          The Windows XP root directory, usually C:Windows
%TEMP% and %TMP%    C:DOCUME~1{username}LOCALS~1Temp
%USERNAME%              {username}
%USERPROFILE%           C:Documents and Settings{username}
%WINDIR%                   C:Windows
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