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Originally Posted by DarkRyder;15001571
it does yes. also i think we need to retire aqua from the multicore list, they are gone now.
Removed for the time being. If they ever decide to fire it up again, I will re-add it to the list.
Originally Posted by Tex1954;14341590
The DNETC.NET link in the list is WRONG... that is the reason it didn't work for me.

Wrong link is http://www.dnetc.net

Correct link is http://dnetc.net

Might want to update that...

Originally Posted by zodac;15001190
Doesn't [email protected] also work on nVidia GPUs? I'm certain I was doing that project...
They do! Updated on OP.

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YAFU has a mt app. now too. I let a couple spin to see what was what and these are the results..

run time cpu time credit

145.58 223.78 6.16

10714.06 4635.59 456.45

According to yafu stats, looks like some of the faster intels do much better in run times and credits...

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Nice info from the Milkyway#Home Forum: Message HERE

{I added the GTX680 in the list poor as it may be....}

[email protected] requires a GPU supporting Double Precision arithmetic.

- Requires Compute Capability 1.3 and Above.
- For the GeForce 2xx series, this is the GTX 260 and above.
- Any Fermi based (GeForce GTX 4xx or 5xx) should support doubles.
- Any older GPUs (such as a GeForce 8xxx or 9xxx) will not work

- The oldest GPUs that work are the ATI HD Radeon 38x0 series.
- In general laptop AMD GPUs do NOT support doubles despite similar branding (e.g. A Mobility Radeon 5870 is not the same as a normal Radeon 5870). Only the Mobility Radeon 48xx are the only current ATI laptop GPUs that have doubles.
- For the Radeon 6000 series, only the 69xx have doubles.

Examples (these lists are not all of the GPUs which should work)

GeForce GTX 680
GeForce GTX 590
GeForce GTX 580
GeForce GTX 570
GeForce GTX 560 Ti
GeForce GTX 560
GeForce GTX 550 Ti
GeForce GT 545
GeForce GTX 480
GeForce GTX 470
GeForce GTX 465
GeForce GTX 460
GeForce GTS 450
GeForce GT 430
Geforce GTX 295
Geforce GTX 285
Geforce GTX 280
Geforce GTX 275 (credits to Bruce)
Geforce GTX 260
Tesla S1070
Tesla C1060
Tesla M2090
Tesla M2070
Tesla M2050
Tesla S2050
Quadro Plex 2200 D2
Quadro FX 5800
Quadro FX 4800
Quadro 5000s, 5000s, 4000s
(Based on GT200 GPU)

AMD Radeon 7970
AMD Radeon 7950
AMD Radeon 6990
AMD Radeon 6970
AMD Radeon 6950
AMD Radeon 6930
ATI HD Radeon 5970 (credits to kashi)
ATI HD Radeon 5870
ATI HD Radeon 5850
ATI HD Radeon 5830
ATI HD Radeon 4890
ATI HD Radeon 4870
ATI HD Radeon 4850
ATI HD Radeon 4830
ATI HD Radeon 4770
ATI HD Radeon 4830
ATI HD Radeon 38x0
(credits to cenit for the AMD documentation describing the products above)
ATI Firestream 9270
ATI Firestream 9250
ATI Firestream 9170
(credits to Cluster Physik)

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While donate does give very high ppd I still perceive two problems with this project:

1. The points from donate do not show up on sks score page.

2. The project itself feels a bit sketchy, I do not feel like I am actually doing any real computational work which has any direct benefit.

Just the way I see it. Although, I know the points showing up on the score page would be super helpful during bgb etc.

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I was still getting Ati tasks on monday evening but it seems that I can't get new tasks now. Maybe it will come back later.

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DistrRTGen for ATI seems to be running again, first WU with new version 3.52 was a lot slower than WU's with old 3.49 version.

edit. Found the problem, I was test running Rosetta at same time and it was hogging all cpu time, speed is normal again.
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