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Guide on How to Achieve Transparent Windows

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Wanna see your desktop while browsing the internet? Here you go boys and girls and for you no0bs out there (not pointing at anyone tho).

1st Click on Your Nvidia Icon Lower Right Corner and bring your cursor over to nVidia Display and click on your monitor model.

You'll get a Window, and you'll want to click on Desktop Management

Now click on Enable and you'll get Sub-Menus Under Desktop Management

Click on User Interface and check off "Enable nView Option in the Windows desktop right-click menu" & Hit Apply.

Then You'll Get an nVidia Icon left of the " _ " icon. Click on the nVidia Icon and You'll get MORE sub-menus.

Click On Transparent and your Set!

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Ooh, nice, I think I'll go do that to my XP right now. I already have the 'Royale' color scheme on my comp, might as well have a cheap Vista look to it as well =P
Wait...ur instructions get hazy after checking the box of 'Enable...' Mine came already checked. Also, that '_' icon is not that descriptive, and I couldn't see something that popped up that was remotely like that anywhere.
nvm, i got it down, but...I can never enable it, because it claims some other program is using directx or wtv.
Gah lol whenever I post a problem I have, I fix it as soon as I click the 'Submit Reply' button.

Thanks for this lil guide; something else to show off to my friends =P
No Problem I just needed some thing to Do
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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