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[Guru3D]Sharkoon Releases DIY SSD

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Clever, very clever really. Sharkoon is showing off a the Flexi-Drive S2S. This gadget is an SSD adapter that allows you to build your own 2.5" SSD. Up to six SDHC memory cards can be inserted into the Flexi-Drive S2S, allowing for a maximum storage capacity of 192GB.

The SSD adapter uses RAID 0 and Sharkoon claims a read speed of 140MB/s and write speed of 115MB/s can be achieved with six 8GB SDHC memory cards. The performance sounds pretty good the use of RAID 0 means that if just one of the six memory cards fails, all your data will be lost.

The Sharkoon Flexi-Drive S2S has a MSRP of 79EUR.

"Solid State Disks (SSDs) are all the rage these days. The robust flash based hard drives offer many advantages to typical magnetic storage solutions. Silent operation, minimal electricity requirements, almost no heat build-up and fast read/write rates. Because of their high resistance to shock and impact damage, SSDs are especially suited for mobile computers. Disadvantages include their high price and relatively low capacity--at this time capacities greater than 128GB are hard to find.

Sharkoon is now introducing an alternative that allows users to build a Notebook SSD themselves. The Sharkoon Flexi-Drive S2S is an SSD adaptor with the size and connections of a 2.5 inch SATA hard drive. The necessary flash memory is provided by the up to six SDHC cards that can be installed in the enclosure. Users can select the manufacturer, number, chip type (SLC or MLC) and capacity of the memory cards according to their needs. As the installed memory cards use Raid-0, the performance and capacity of all installed cards should be the same. At this time the maximum available SDHC capacity is 32GB, allowing for a maximum of 192GB to be installed in the Flexi-Drive S2S. Testing with HD-Tune, six 8GB SDHC memory cards with Class 6 speed ratings had a read speed of 140 MB/s and a write speed of 115 MB/s. "

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Do want.
this would cost more than just getting a regular SSD from Patriot or OCZ... its pretty ingenious, I have to say...
Hmm in the uk thats looking at around:

Drive: £50-60
8GB SD: £10 each
32GB drive total = £90-100

32GB OCZ SSD = £95

...........hmmm, damn if only sharkoon made the thing cheaper, Its way overpriced for what it is.... but I could say that anywhere I guess.
Found something better and cheaper: £2


EDIT: Its compact flash nvm.
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Originally Posted by beanbagofdoom
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Found something better and cheaper: £2


Actually that doesn't have raid 0, so you're looking at maybe 10% of the performance.
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I was looking at these, but then I thought about the drawer that I have in my desk filling with Transflash cards that have gone bad. I love the concept, and if Transflash card's were a little more reliable I would have bought this up in a second.

I decided to spend the extra money on the Mtron 7500 16GB in raid0. I started with 2, and buy a new one whenever I can afford it, and then just migrate to the new raid0 size. Rock solid reliable, and fast as all get out with four of them now...

Seeing around 430MB/s read, and around 370MB/s write on average.

I'm guessing it would stay pretty damn cool too.
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