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Hello All,

I have been working with factories in china to supply my company with USB drives of all sizes. We currently have all of our factories testing our drives with H2testw program, and it had seemed to be working. Until...

We had a customer buy some drives that repeatidly failed.

We brought the drives back and were testing them with H2testw and have been getting very mixed results. we have found that though H2testw does find some of the errors, CheckFlash program has been finding ALL of the errors. So i have had MANY drives PASS the H2testw tests. then fail when i run ChkFlash on them. it seems to me that ChkFlash is a more robust program for testing Flash Memory. I am going to remove H2testw as our standard for testing in china and here in our warehouse however i wanted to get some more professionals experiences on this matter. It seems that the sheeple on the internet all support H2testw but have little or no evidence to support it working 100% of the time to catch bad sectors. CheckFlash in my experience has found ALL bad memory where H2testw only finds some of the bad drives.

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