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HAF 912 Build - HAF Dragon

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My HAF'D box:

AMD FX 9370 (CoolerMaster Seidon 240M)
Asus Crosshair V Formula Z
2x Asus R9-290 DCUII ~ ɌЭÐ M§D
2 x 8Gb AMD Radeon™ RP1866 Performance Series
OCZ VERTEX 3 (120Gb x2 - RAID 0)
2 TB Seagate Hybrid drive
Coolmax 1200W gold+
Asus PCE-AC68 Wireless Adapter
Coolermaster HAF 912
6 x Aerocool DS 120mm fan
1 x Aerocool DS 140mm fan
2x Cougar 120mm PWM fan

Modded front panel

used MSI board back panel bracket and cut holes in grill with snips

shaved little bit of the rubber off ↕ electrical tape to cover sharp edges of HDD bracket that got snipped

cooled by CM Seidon 240M AIO

Due to Case and Motherboard restrictions- only able to mount a pull w/ fans on outside of grill

getting the rad on was a total PITA. knew it was not a direct fit, but drilling bigger holes is not enough for this particular case. motherboard stand-offs had to be used on the outside to be able to mount. there is a slight bend in the grill-work that causes the whole thing to flex when pressure is applied. mounting two fans on inside was no problem.

bonus feature I like about this board is the RCTweakit aka ROG Connect

I wouldn't have bought a laptop or use my personal one, but the little Asus 2Gb Surf (700 series) I had collecting dust does the job great! already had a fresh (stripped) windows XP on it from years ago.

stock asus r9 290 OC DCUII


screws used as pegs enable card to be removed without tools (except for pci slot screws)

Notes- about the Asus R9 290 DCUII cards; the first one was in good working order, had good temps before the Red Mod. The second card... well, it had a standoff that wasn't completely screwed in causing high core temps(and throttling) and a loose VRM heatsink (though it didn't raise VRM temps past limit). Both of these cards were 'open box' the first being from Microcenter and the second from Newegg. Best luck I've had with these in crossfire is with no OC and 14.2 drivers. both AsusGPUTweak and Afterburner cause problems with crossfire performance in games and some benches. They would work, but only after restarting the program and/or deactivating and reactivating crossfire which was a PITA for daily use.

Asus PCE-AC68

didn't have good place to mount with external base, so I ordered some extensions wires

ran the connectors through the top grate and stuffed excess on top of HDD mount.

would look a little nicer with a black pcie extension...

Aerocool DS 120mm x 2 (Front/outside- intake)

Aerocool DS 120mm x2 (Front/inside- intake)

Aerocool DS 120mm x2 (Top/outside- exhaust)

Aerocool DS 140mm x1 (Side panel/ inside- intake)

Cougar 120mm PWM x1 ( Front/inside- intake)

Cougar 120mm PWM x1 (Rear/outside- exhaust)

inside- notice the rubber mounts, two are outside to keep fan clear of grate

- removed SSD tray (removable)
- removed upper HDD rack (removable)
- removed lower HDD rack
- customized upper grill for 240 rad & fan wire routing
- 3.5 floppy slot to USB 3.0
- external rear fan
- re-route wireless antennas
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Benches and Temps:
TEMPS- Current/Low/High


Benches - FX [email protected] & [email protected]/1260Mhz


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Games & Review

Game Temps

* note the VRM temps, crazy since no other game has gotten them this high. I will have to go back and test this some more when I get the time.

My overall thought about this rig is that it's pretty beastly. I haven't even gotten around to overvolting at all. I do push it to it's limits with my 120hz monitor, but it's a big step up from my crossfire 7870 hawks. One if the main features I like about this build is the removable water-cooled graphics cards. with a quick unplug of the pump and inner fan- the 290 can be removed without having to take off front panel, unscrewing the rad, fan, etc...

some issues I ran into are:
  • CM Seidon 240m doesn't quite fit in the top grill. I had to use motherboard standoffs to enable to reach thread.
  • Motherboard doesn't allow for internal fans on the CM Seidon 240m- had to mount external.
  • Asus motherboard OC's a lot differently from the MSI GD-80 board I learned with, not as simple and easy as MSI was.
  • heat issues- the heat build up is quite a bit more than my last setup. I will have to find a place besides under my desk so it can get better airflow.
  • OC program for GPU- had several problems with different OC programs and my crossfire working properly.
  • Asus R9 290's don't have GPUTweak functionality with the ROG connect- in other words, I cannot live OC my GPU with use of laptop.

updates are slow and in small pieces so I will try to keep this list up to date.
8-8-14_ updated 3rd section and added video stream temps to 2nd section
8-16-14_ updated games section

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Keep going with the updates

Your work has been great so far!

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Originally Posted by NFSxperts View Post

Keep going with the updates

Your work has been great so far!
Thanks man! didn't think anyone was following this...
the third section was going to be game temps and benches, but I'm having trouble with my steam library. I'll figure it out soon and get more up. think I'll try metro 2033 last light bench first.

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due to several people PMing me, I will clarify the way I mounted the CM 240 rad... but first I would recommend mounting in the front if it will reach, my setup didn't allow me to so I was forced to use the top. I will also point out I reversed the fans to be intakes on my setup.

as noted, the grill work had a slight flex. I just screwed in motherboard stand-offs (used in case to mount motherboard) on the outside four holes in the CM rad. My grill dipped in the middle so the stand-offs allowed me to get screws into it. I believe they were or close to 3mm 0.5x20mm screws. Thinking they may have been shorter, they were left over from doing the Red Mod on my R9 290s. Pretty sure the long screws on inside were off my CM Elite case for screwing the fans in (a lot like the ones used with rad, but think they were a hair longer). I had to mount the wb first, then slightly push up on rad/grill from inside as I screwed it in. Out of all the mounts I've done, this one was a little sloppy and I later cleaned up the longer screws with short ones like on the outside. I would say only two or three screws out of eight are even snug. The others are just holding it up and are not putting too much pressure on the grill.

I will most likely end up cutting the top grill. If I cut a hole for the wb and tubes to pass through, then I could mount the rad on top and have four fans total on it (two on inside and two out). I might get around to it this winter if I start benching again, or whenever my temps start rising and I have to reapply the TIM.
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