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I decided to paint my Haf X w/ the Nwu Camo which is a Navy Camo

well im going to bootcamp somewhere at February so i need to finish it fast

the nwu pattern are navy blue, deck gray, haze gray and black

here are the paints that i got from home depot and we couldnt get the real pattern for the NWU
so i just grab the closes color on the nwu pattern

sorry we didnt have pic on cutting the side panel and no pics when putting primer..

heres the Navy Blue looks like black tho w/o the flash

w/ flash

its pain in the butt cutting and drawing stencils

day 2
Winter gray coat

Day 3
Dark gray Coat

Day 4
we forgot to take pic of the black coat because i was too excited to see the results
my bad

It took an hour to remove all the stencils tho for this side panel only

ill prolly posting pics again in 1-3days coz i dont have much time
but its 90% done.

we just need to do the female stencils and the clear coat and its finish

Day 5 February 7
Day 9

Day 10 finish

why my window is on the outside

A video guide on youtube how to make stencils

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BRUTAL man, that's AWESOME!

I've tried several times to get a digi camo working... but haven't succeeded so far lol!

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Originally Posted by Gerik;12359088
btw is there something i need to do when the project is done
Post more pics of this awesome beast?

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thats a fantastic paint job.how did you do the window? and why have you the window on the outside?
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