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HAF932 aka Corsair 800D!

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Hey! i thought the title might have caught your attention. IF so, i will explain what mods im doing, and for what reason.

I've owned a HAF 932 for some months now, and lately ive gotten tired of the little and quite badly placed "window" it has on the side.

Soo after alot of thinking, planning and time consuming drawing in sketchup (dont we all love it?) i came up with a way to make a real good looking window for the HAF.

This is where the "aka corsair 800D" comes in. When i first saw that window, i have to say it.. i fell in love with that window. The only thing i didnt like with it, was that it shows your PSU (Which i infact have no reason for showing).

The following pictures are of my crappy cutting skills with a bad jigsawblade, and terrible handling of the HAF sidepanels:

Golden drill bits anyone?

I hope this shows the amount of weight needed to hold the sidepanel down

That is two full blocks og steel or iron..

Backpanel all done and cut out!

That was all for my first update. I have received some sheets of steel to work with. Next update will consist of: Measuring and fitting some "hiding" panels for my HAF 932 (will not only be modding the sidepanels)
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Any chance you can show us the 3D design?

So far it's ... well ... it's getting there.
Hey tek!

The 3D design is deleted xD i was cleaning out some space on my HDD, and yea.. you get the rest.

I'd like to thank everyone for awesome replies.... irony is awesome -__-

On another note, i've worked on some of the steel now, and i managed to get this far:

Thats the update i could squeeze in for today. Hope ill get a reply after this one ^_^
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Yeah pls post the sketch up drawing so we no what we are looking for :-D
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