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Half-Life: Blue Shift question

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I'm gonna buy this game really soon and I heard that there is a high detail pack which doubles the polygons used for models etc. Does this download automatically or will I have to download it from GamersHell or something like that?

Here's what else I'm buying if anyone's interested lol

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I think you have to find an external HD pack, I bought the game back when it came out on CD-ROM retail and it was included. I think the HD pack also works with HL/OPF.
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Is it really worth the cut in FPS? I mean the game already looks better than Crysis.
Seriously though, it is worth it IMO, it makes a real difference, especially to faces.
I doubt it would lower my fps. On Half Life: Source my fps is 1000 o_O
Yea, it should come with it on newer versions if I recall... It was on HL:OP for me.

And it is worth it, it looks not half bad.

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