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Halo 2 matches

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I haven't played Halo 2 for over a year but I've been trying to get back into it. If any other Halo 2 players want to play a game, or 10, then post here or contact me.
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this sucks my disk i had since launch finally quit on me a week ago and i havent got around to getting one yet. Today i might be able to get one though my gamertag is the same as on here.
I haven't played in a while either. Wanna 1v1?

GT: X Kraken X
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Don't really mind but I want to get back into some insane big team battles. Just have to get used to sticks again, long live keyboard and mouse.
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well i always like a good round of 1v1 on lockout with a trusty BR
you can add me if you want, i might be able to play later

GT = g4m3r7ag
Ive been on quite a bit lately, getting my second wind of halo....
same here, hadnt played in months till this weekend
I'll try to send some invites later on then.
if someone has a 3 month trial code they can PM ill get back into it lol

I used to play 20/7... seriously
I'll try and play for a bit. Anyone who is interested, post here.
CWell come to my house and play
I have drill from 7-8, but you can use my Xbox
Oh, man. I just did a Team Training match after being off Halo for 3-4 months, and I was baaaad. 10-2 with 7 headshots, but the map was bloodgulch. I forgot how much fun that game was.
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My Gamertag is: CR1SWELL (That's a number 1 instead of a letter i.)
Guess I should jump on for real this time. I kept trying but I had a bunch of errands to run.
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Anyone playing?
Some bad windstorms in the Pacific NW the last few days so I was without power from Thurs night to Fris afternoon and without internet from Thurs night to Sats morning.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to jump on tonight. Anyone interested should post here.
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im sitting in a lobby right now, lol. (halo 2)

GT= g4m3r7ag
I'll play you... but only if you pay for the Xbox 360 Live subscription
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