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As per title really..

Some things no image can do justice to, you literally have to see them firsthand; same with this baby, finally sitting next to me all assembled and ready. Very satisfied, what can i say!
Worth mentioning, again, great overall service too. No hassle, full support when an issue came up.

Time (*read finances) allowing, i have a second order to make, am thinking i'll be needing quite a few extras i had not anticipated, lol.. doctors bled us dry this year past, but it's all good now, so hopefully soon enough ^^

Anyway, that's about it, won't bother anyone with mentions of quality, lightness of the case, sturdiness of construction, etc, you must've read it all by now. I will however tell you that with these babies, it's the little things, the details.. and i had not the slightest about them, it's a shame no one takes pics of the 'right' angles/spots so those interested can get a better idea. These boys know their business, no doubt there. You don't come across this kind of craftmanship often.

Assuming anyone from CL is reading, a bit of feedback:
I know it's not common or anything, ok? But i do know it happens often enough for even a casual forum browsing to highlight it and it did happen to me as well.. missing parts/mistakes. For the kind of money your customer puts in, that's, well sorry to say it, but more or less inexcusable to be honest. Now i've got zero complaints on a personal level, you did right by me, did right by me fast, and with zero an extra cost. So i'm very happy, 101%, jumping in glee was involved.. could never help that, being so mature. However:
1) I do also happen to run a business and am a bit more.. aware? Understanding? Than one could (or should) be. At some level and beyond, truth is some things just should not happen.
2) I plan for all eventualities, including this very kind of a mishap; it's why i ordered a chassis well in advance of my actually needing it, it's why losing almost a month was not an issue for me. Fact remains however one should not take such precautions, not for this kind of money involved. It all adds up.

Again though, very but very happy i have this baby right next to me! I won't be the kind of guy that says it's worth it, am too down to earth for that, lol. But i'll be the kind of guy that says you can't get anything better than this and there's a cost for that.
No, no regrets. Thank you for being there (Mr Chance). Have had complaint after complaint after complaint about modern PC cases, feels great to know i'm sorted now, lol. Can finally do the rig i've been envisioning. For quite some time now!

My thanks to you all :)
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