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Hard disc is shutting down every 5 sec!!!

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I have a big problem. My older PC is going nuts! The HDD is turning on/off every 5-10 sec but windows is still running. Freezes for a moment and then the HDD is shutting down again. Is the HDD dying or is there another troublemaker? I forgot something... maybe this will help. It starts to turning off as soon as i get to the windows boot screen... in the bios it wont turn off.
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Sounds like the HDD is going or the windows OS install is corrupted. I would save all important data and reformat/reinstall.
Does this happen in Safe Mode?
It happened with the XP, so i decided to change to 7 and there were no problems at all. And yesterday it started again. And yep it's annoying in safe mode to.
Hm. Can you you run a CHKDSK? Since it happens on both XP and 7 I think it's the HDD that's dying. How old is the HDD?

Oh and btw, the reason that it doesn't happen in BIOS is because the BIOS is saved in the motherboard itself and not in the HDD
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Found the solution. But i don't really know what it was. I changed the sata cabels with new ones and connected them properly! But the fact is the HDD is back! Thx for the help guys. Although i tried CHKDSK but it freezed and was rally slow because of the hdd.
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