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hard drive crashed?

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hello guys! just wondering if anyone could help me with my hard drive problem that i just recently got( 3 hours ago). OKay here's the story. I leave my computer on a lot..over night and this morning i decided to put it on stand-by. I woke up a few hours later and turned the computer on but nothing shows up on the monitor. Okay no big deal, I shut off the computer and rebooted it and behold..nothing comes up. The HDD and Power leds doesn't blink and nothing loads up on the screen. I checked out the HD and it still spins normally ( no awkward sounds). So my question is..did my HD just crashed? I am still waiting to test it on another computer but i have to find a computer that has SATA since my hard drive is ATA. If it did indeed crashed..is there a way to get all my files back?

ps. thanks for reading.
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What happens if you start up your computer with the harddrive disconnected?
If you aren't getting any response from the computer at all it sounds like a power issue.When you push the power button does it do anything?
yes everything still runs, the fan and the computer lights. Its just that my hard drive isn't responding? It still spins but nothing boots
Ok, Does your HDD show in the bios? If yes then what does the bio's get to before it quits? Can it get to windows xp loading screen? Does it "try" to get into windows?
nothing shows up at all. I get a black screen and thats it.
What do you mean by you dont see anything on the screen... Could be display issue?

Unplug hard drive and boot it. See if you get to the main screen.
So you can't get into bio's? not a HDD issue at all take out ram and video card and put back in see if this settles the issue
Ya if nothing comes up, its no hard drive issue. Most likely video prob.
okay i think i will take everything apart and put it back in again. lol, my computer is custom built..by me =). But before i do that, i reconnected the HD and same thing happens when i turn on the computer. I just get a black screen..the power button on the monitor stays yellow and doesnt turn green and the HD leds doesnt blink. I will reconnect the video and ram card right now. i'll get back to you guys in a few. thanks for the help so far!

well not sure if its video because the HD led doesnt blink.
okay well guys i did something else. I plugged in a spare hd i had but it an IDE. The HD led blinks and i can get into windows. Like i said i am still waiting to test the ATA HD on another computer to see if its either a HD problem or could it be that my mother board is dmg.
Well Sometimes a HDD may be incompatible with the Motherboard used. A Bios update may help. Also if you are using a SATA drive dont use both Legacy and SATA power...Only use one.
I have used that hard drive for almost a year now im im not sure what happened here. Probably because i left the computer on too long? lol. Darn..I hope i can get all my files back. Thanks for all the help though guys. I'll give an update by tonight.
well the good news is..my hard drive didn't crash.but the bad news...its the MOBO thats messed up.
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