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Hard drive prob. - Data recovery.. need help!!

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Hi all,

Well, one of my partitions has decided to become unreadable. Had been giving me slight problems for a while (long loading times when trying to acces it in the explorer), but now its given up for good it seems. The name has been restored to default "local drive" ("lokaler datenträger" - german xp), and when I try to access it it asks me wether I want to format the drive.
So what to do? Firstly, can someone recommend a really good data recovery program? And secondly, how should I go about it - format first? I'll probably have to right - but then wouldn't it be more difficult to recover?
I'd be very thankful for any advice, especially since it's my data partition with all my artwork, important documents, and study-stuff! Need it back!
I know, should have backed it up when it started giving me problems, and I've been wanting to, just didn't get round to it...

Anyway, thx ahead for any help given!
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sounds like the file system has become corrupt. does it come up as raw?
don't format it...

I would try to boot to a linux cd and see if you can read any of the files on the partition but dont format it or try to write to it or you will never get the data off it.
Can't tell wether its raw or not, since as soon as I click on the drive he tells me he wants to format.

Thanks for the partedmagic link.. I'll give that a try if linux fails. Got a knoppix cd somewhere here, hope that works.

Thanks a lot so far guys!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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