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Hard drives and fragmentation...

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I have a quick question about fragmentation and such.

I have a Seagate 640Gb Drive with 32Mb Buffer, which I use for my OS, and programs for now.

And I have a Samsung 500Gb with 16mb buffer i think, which I use for my data and stuff.

My question is, I want to keep my 640gb fast and running, mainly to keep the os and stuff running fine and smoothly. Theres over 550gb of free space on my system drive, would I see major slowness if I start to use it to store dvd rips and such on it?

And I am kind of new to the whole computer scene, I just built my first rig, but I understood it all, I was just wondering about partions, if I split the drive into partions, and had my os on like 150gb partion and the rest on another partion, would i see any different of a performance rather then having it all on the same hdd without partions?
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Well for me, I do notice a decrease in speed when fragmented and increased when defrag. I use jkdefrag and its the only one I trust. Usually big files like dvd rips, don't really cause issues
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