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I've tried little OC'ing in the past with a GB 770 WF3 but not much. Now I've got Asus 780 DCUII and am fully prepared to see the limits this card can reach on stock bios. I've been checking forums like Hardforum, Tom's and here for many hours to find answers but no luck . And I really apologize if these queries are overlapping/duplicating any other threads. Although I'm sure they're not. Here they are:

1. During my thorough research I found out that the stock bios will support maximum 1.212v (default 1.175), which will let me reach higher/stable clocks. Does this mean higher/stable core clock or both the core and mem clocks?
2. I also came to know that a custom bios will let me increment the voltage above 1.212 and will increase the temp limit to 95C. Does this mean the card cannot go above 80C at stock bios?
3. The VRM temp in GPU-Z shows Min= -109C and Max= 208C (on default voltage 1.175) while absolutely idle. I'm not sure why these crazy extremes are reached but they do. The normal/AVG VRM temp on idle is between 38-40C. Is it safe for me to go for 1.212?
4. Other than the above considerations, can an amateur like me just ramp up the voltage to the maximum and start testing OC settings without fears, or I have to consider any other factors too?
5. Is it true that I only need to start incrementing the mem clock after finding a stable core clock?

A side query:
I'm sure I read somewhere that Precision X is better for OC'ing Kepler GPUs due to something something something. Is that correct? I prefer Afterburner.

Really appreciate any help/guidance the experts here can offer.

Thanks very much.
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