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HardOCP: 6990+6970 tri-Fire agianst 580 SLI

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Interesting review at HardOCP. 1000$ against 1000$, 2 cards againsts 2 cards.


And the Tri-Fire set-up is totally raping 580 SLi for the same price. So we should finally put the myth that ''580 SLI is tha best for 1000$'' behind us. it's not true anymore. People are stuck in the past.

I hope it will be an eye-opener for those without any allegiances to any colors. Enthusiasts who don't care about the color of the cards.


''We wanted to find out which multi-GPU video card configuration at ~$1,000 offered the best gameplay experience. Our questions were answered in a big way, and all the real world gameplay testing solidly points to AMD's "TriFire" dominating NVIDIA's GTX 580 SLI.

We started off by evaluating a brand new DX11 game, Dragon Age II. This new game has proven to be a challange for video cards, graphically pushing the boundries of performance utilizing advanced DX11 effects. We were happy when we found we could use all of the games graphics settings at the highest levels and enabled features like SSAO and Diffusion Depth of Field on the AMD Radeon HD 6990+6970 CrossFireX combo. We weren't able to have AA enabled, but it was almost playable at 2X AA. Just the fact that we can use all of the games graphics features at 5760x1200 is amazing. The GeForce GTX 580 SLI didn't come close in Dragon Age II. We had to disable a couple of key graphics features, otherwise there was a huge 90% performance difference. Today's $80 premium for TriFire just bought you 90% more performance in a game.

Moving on to F1 2010 and Metro 2033 we experienced a consistent 30% improvement over GeForce GTX 580 SLI with AMD Radeon HD 6990+6970 CrossFireX. This performance advantage allowed us to play at 8X MSAA at 5760x1200 in F1 2010 and allowed us to turn on 4X MSAA in Metro 2033 with the highest in-game settings. These were real world gameplay experience improvements that made a significant impact on the visual quality in the games. That $80 TriFire premium just bought you a much improved gameplay experience and 30% greater performance overall.

We continued to be impressed by AMD Radeon HD 6990+6970 CrossFireX in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. We never thought it would be possible that we could actually utilize 24X CFAA at 5760x1200 in a game. BC2 proved us wrong. This TriFire 3-GPU setup allowed us to easily play BC2 at 24X CFAA with room to spare. We were averaging near 60 FPS, and it was just amazing. Crysis: Warhead continued this streak of joy and merriment playing games on the AMD Radeon HD 6990+6970 CrossFireX combo. We were able to run this game at 2X AA with all "Enthusiast" settings at 5760x1200 which we have never been able to do before. Overall a 25% performance advantage over GTX 580 SLI, which is once again, significant.

Every game simply played better and delivered a more enjoyable and immersive experience using AMD's 6990+6970 TriFire than on NVIDIA's GTX 580 SLI.''

And everyday I read in here that 580 SLi is simply ''better'', giving a ''better experience''. It's not what they are saying here... Those are not synthetic benchmarks...

And there apple-to-apple comparisons is there to eliminate the 1.5Gb VRAM deficiency of the 580. So with 2X 580 3Gb, the results would have been the same. Kyle explained that clearly in the link for discussing the article with them.

And don't flame me. Please. I didn't wrote that article. I'm just the messanger. All the ''3 GPUs against 2 blah blah blah'' should be adressed to them directly. Go tell them! If you don't agree, GO TELL HIM!

Here's a link to discuss that review with Brent and Kyle form HardOCP directly. They did that review, not me. So TALK TO THEM directly.


I won't answer any questions/flaming/flame-baiting/personnal attacks.Go talk to the writers directly. It's your chance Nvidia loudmouths. Go flame the writers. Let's go green-team, here's your chance. Go go go! Click the link and go tell them 580 SLI is better for the same price!
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No one [Logical People don't] debates $ for $ that tri 6970's are better than sli 580's - for that matter I would say that tri 570's would probably do better than sli 580's unless there is a vram limitation. That being said, Nvidia still holds the crown and its amazing how well sli 580's hold up to tri 6970's

didn't ever think this would even be a debatable topic...
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