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this is a two part question, 1. can someone please tell me what the top 3 power supplies would be for the system listed below.
question #2 is does anyone have a clue as to whats going on in the next section of this posting?

Now I am NOT a gamer but I do a lot of work with Graphic/video processing. the current PS has been working ok for the past 2 years but I have been having some problems with slow booting. often 5-8 mins to Windows full boot but the real problem started 5 days ago, I had to replace the two internal DVD drives normally a very simple procedure but when I re-booted the system it now takes in excess of 45 mins to get to the desktop. based on the times listed below.
8.38 mins to post screen
that screen stays for another 10 mins
Blank screen for 9.47 mins
from there anywhere from 15-20 mins to full boot.

Now when the system fully boots it works perfectly as it always has. now the MB, CPU, RAM are all new to this PS. I did a major upgrade about a 1 1/2 years ago also prior to this problem I had the system OC to 4.34 ghz anything above that and the system (Windows) became very unstable.


Asus m5a99fx MB
FX-6300 CPU stock at 3.5ghz
16gb Ram 802.7mhz 11,11,1128,39 timings
AMD Radeon R7 370 4gb memory series Video
Windows 7 ultimate OS
2 Int HD Seagate/WD
2 Int CD/DVD Asus

External hardware:
2 Cd/blu-ray
3 Ext hard drives
Epson artisan 810 printer
3 usb hubs

Current PS: Lepra 80+ bronze 1000Watts B1000M MaxBron


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That really doesn't sound like a PS problem more like a HDD with Bad Sectors in the Boot Area, or you need a fresh install of windows if you are using a ssd.

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The Lepa MaxBron is god awful so you really need to replace it
The Seasonic Foucs Plus or the Seasonic Prime Ultra series are both good options

You dont need to buy another 1000 watt PSU for a system that draws less then 300 watts at full load and a 550 watt is more than enough power

Edit: the ripple suppression on the MaxBron is so bad its going out of the already very loosely defined ATX specifications which in itself is impressive or in plain english the ripple suppression blows!

Now since you have not maxed the PSU out the ripple has probably not been super bad but damage to your drive(s) cant be ruled completely out which might be the reason why its so slow to boot
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