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[HardwareCanucks] Sapphire 5750 Vapor X 1gb review

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I know I am probably sounding like a broken record already but by now it should go without saying that ATI is making one hell of a run at nearly every single price point in the GPU market. In the past weeks we have seen the release of their high-end HD 5870, the surprisingly affordable HD 5850 and the mid-range market leaders: the HD 5750 and HD 5770. Luckily, the lower end cards of the DX11 generation haven’t been met with the abysmal availability of the HD 5800-series but that could be the result of much lower popularity as well


good looking card, for those on a budget.
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well no performance difference from any other 5770, but take account the thermals and its definately the card go for .

Just silly they got that shroud on the cooler for asthetics that extends the card by an inch for no reason.

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use [HWC] instead of the full name next time
WTH difference does that make?

On-Topic: I've been eying these 5770's for while now for a cross-fire setup. I'm thinking it's just about time to lay down some cash on some. After reading this review I'm going to go ahead w/ pair a these. Thank's for the find -iceblade^
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