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Has anyone else had this problem?

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Not only have I got a really bad problem with my X1900 Crossfire (snapped crossfire screws and crossfire panel pegs broken), but I have to go as far as the upcoming insert to ATI in hopes of help.

Dear ATI:

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Type of Inquiry: PC support
Bus Type: PCI Express
Driver Version: CATALYST 7.6
Category: Sales / Promotions / Rebates
Topic: Product Identification
Product: Radeon X1900 CrossFire
Summary: I need items from your company that aren't for sale
Details: Considering that there is no possible way to return my card for any type of warranty, as I'm already past the date I had confirmed as purchased for my X1900 Crossfire device a year ago, plus time compensation for accessories, I need to find four screws, the two for in, and the two for out, for the Crossfire cable insertion panel, in hopes that I can go purchase another crossfire cable. The pegs that you had used to assemble on the crossfire cable bridge have snapped in the crossfire cable and in the actual video card side itself. I have no other choice but to find a way to reassemble the pieces myself, so that at least I can further the use I get out of my card set. Because of the fact that it falls out when I try inserting it into the Crossfire card, I can not use the card itself until it is repaired.

I came to you almost two months ago, trying to resolve this. Your absolutely redundant automated services, and foreign interpersonal closeminded bureaucracy tactics, and sales techniques have ensured that I can not deal with ATI on a personal basis, and Nvidia has already stated their interests in my money the next time I buy a graphics setup.

Your store doesn't sell the screws on your internet sales page, so don't go preaching about how I can find them. If you can give me specifications on what size they are what depth they are, and where I can order them from, I'll buy them myself, no worries or problems on your behalf.

I just need to identify the product or part number and procure some of them in case your company, which I've asked for help from, for buying one of their so called "elite" products, fails to deliver on the front of customer service.

If you can comply with this, I'd be ecstatic, because I've thwarted the powers that be and can continue to reap the maximum out of my product without continued failure.
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If I ever have to deal with ATI again, I'll find a way to buy a five year extended warranty, damning the cost to it all, so at least I can have the excelsior usage out of my products as I so deserve.

Other than that, does anyone know where I can find the pegs and posts for an X1900 Crossfire card?
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Apparently, I must be alone on this issue. If only CyberD were here. He'd know what to do.
Dude dont be so quick in judging the situation, that no one replyd within an hour is pretty normal here on overclock.net. Patience is a virtue

Anyway, we are talking about the 2 screws that come out of the crossfire cable and the 2 "nuts" that are connected to the card?
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Okay, so I was a bit presumptuous about the reply system. I apologize for my haste.

But, to better answer the question asked, the screws on the card that actually go into the crossfire cable itself have lobbed off of the cable, and the insert posts where you would use the screws from the cable to the card have broken as well. I can easily go out and find another crossfire cable, but I need the peg screws and posts so I can assemble it back in a fashionable order again. Is there any way of finding out how to attain them, or does anyone know off the top of their head where I can find some of those allusive screws.
Maybe not the best way, but one thing i can suggest is to look on other forums as well as ocn in the forsale section or ask around if anyone has a dead x1900CF card that ud be able to use the parts needed from.
Wow, I had some problems dealing with ATI myself, they told me that my X800 XT was NOT a X800 XT and that the core speeds on the video card vitrified it to them.

So, I replied to them, saying that the card was indeed a X800 XT and that the BIOS on the card was wrong when i bought it.
They still didn't believe me, so i sent a pic of the front of the card, the back, and a zoomed shot of the sticker ID'ing the card saying "X800 XT"..then the numbers..

finally they stopped giving me support all together...

ON Topic: What about Ebay? and Dead cards on there site?
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