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I found this: FlexRAID

Appears to be similiar to unRAID. There does not seem to be any mention of a drive limit (versus unRAID's 3 for the free version and 16 for paid).

Anyone tried flexraid?

EDIT: Found this at AVSForums

Similarities between FlexRaid and unRAID:
N+1 parity protection
able to use HDDs of various sizes
easy expand array and / or parity disc
loss of 2 disks won't destroy entire array (this suggests FlexRaid isn't striping data)
HDDs sleep when not in use

FlexRaid pros vs. unRAID:
free (but not explicitly freeware or open source; license is less than bare bones)
flexibility on host OS
flexibility on host hardware
more amenable to application / server consolidation (eliminates much of the unRAID customization activity)
create parity for data (discs, partitions, folders, files) that lives virtually anywhere (including remote data)
unlimited number of data drives for a single parity drive
parity may be spread across multiple drives
unlimited number of parity configurations
data integrity capabilities

FlexRaid cons vs. unRAID:
immature product (still on v1.0 RC1)
limit of one protected data path per hard drive to maintain protection from hard-drive failure (data "unit of risk" capability promised in future to facilitate multiple protected data paths per hard drive)
doesn't automatically re-compute parity after file modification or deletion (i.e., snap-shot RAID)
currently command line management (GUI and web promised in future)
virtually no documentation
lack of current user community

FlexRaid unknowns:
32 vs. 64 bit OS compatibility ==> confirmed compatible on 32 and 64 bit systems
which Linux flavors supported? ==> all supported...tested on Ubuntu
data presented as single volume vs. shares vs. individual disks ==> governed by OS
write speed ==> dependant on system configuration...not limited by FlexRAID
ease of array expansion (new data and / or parity disk) ==> very easy
HDD sleep capabilities ==> governed by OS
product support ==> so far so good
resource utilization ==> much better in v1.0 RC3
system requirements
speed of product maturation ==> so far so good
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