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Okay, got my parts in, put them together, everythings boots up, then when it gets to windows, hang....for a good minute or two, then everything works fine. That's the first problem. Second, using onboard and try to go into a game, even call of duty one that runs on intel's extreme graphics; it artifacts like crazy, ground is shifting and all this good stuff. Those are my two problems, I've tried to OC to fix it, thinking it was just slow system; tried to use everything at stock; tried to give me voltage to RAM; nothings works. When mounting the mobo, the dell case didn't have any studs or things to hold the mobo off the case, but I noticed my dell mobo sat right on the case as well. So I just mounted it like that. Could it be the board short circuiting? How would I check this, I have no other boards to use. If you think you know something else that would work, anything advice now would be greatly appriciated.
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I hope a Stand-off is'nt hitting the motherboard. Also, Memtest86 and Prime95 your computer.
Why would he need to Prime it if the computer isn't doing well even @ stock?

Check disk defrag.
only thing i can think of it taking the lot out and one by one install and test it,see if the mobo is posting any errors when you install say the cpu (i had to do this to see if my mobo was dead)..sorry i don't know much about pc..maybe someone else will reply soon
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Did you reinstall windows after the mobo swap? If not that is you problem, windows does not like mobo swaps.
Prime to see if something is failing. Prime is not just for stability.

It is looking like a Memory problem.

I also think that the motherboard is shorting in teh case becuse the Motherboard tray is flat.

EDIT: WOW, i am an uber n00b, i misse dthe most obvious one, Windows. Yeah, i hope you re-installed windows.
Reinstalled windows, first thing I did when swapped. I'll Prime it tonight, I was thinking the same thing as zipnogg, that prime was just for stability. Tomorrow I'm taking the whole thing out of case and seeing if I can find what's wrong.
If problems persist... try a desk build. Just set your mobo on the box it came in so the cards can hang over the edge a little.
Okay, I've offically have run out of ideas. I took the mobo out of my case and tried to run videoes/games, same problem. Switched to a Antec truepower, 550W with dual [email protected] both, same problem. This things is getting RMAed (post office open monday?). Unless someone has any more ideas, I won't have a computer for probably a week
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Have you tried just 1 Mem Module?
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