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Have Been putting Buying PS3 For long time please help...

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Hello after waiting for a long time and stupidly not buying the MGS4 bundle system because i thought it would be standard i am now looking to buy a ps3.

I never heard they made the processor smaller from 90 nm to 65 is this true? does the metal gear solid bundle that came out a year ago 80gb has the same processor ?

One thing that has been pissing me off is the fact sony is removing all the good things on the system and releasing these ******ed versions of the system. Why couldn't they just made 2 versions similar to what xbox did a expensive one with all the good stuff for those who want it and a cheap one simple as that.

Anyways that aside i still think the PS3 MGS4 bundle is the last of the best out of all the ones they released which still has 4 usb card reader and BC software. Is there anywhere in the world i can get this system for at least near regular price? i see them on ebay all the time but i usually hate buying in there because of major rip offs and bootlegs etc.

Has sony released any information on releasing a new PS3 with all the good stuff and Backwards comparability or will they keep on releasing cheap nerfed versions of the system and maybe slim and thats it? Any info on processor for PS3 appreciated also
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80GB PS3's are the 65nm CPU's.

If you get a PS3, get the 60gb Original, or the 80gb version with 4 USB ports up front.

All the other ones are gimped and not worth it.

Sony is working on some PS3 software for full BC, speculated to come out at a later date with the 40nm CPU & GPU version of the PS3, which will probably be a slim model as well.
So they are releasing a "40nm CPU & GPU" version that owns a lot then but will they keep it at 2 usb instead of the old 4 usb and memory card reader? im pretty sure in order to make it slimer they will need to cut back on some parts.

Also anyone in the forums knows any place to purchase the MGS4 bundle? i heard they went on sale around june again randomly. I am reluctant to use ebay but i have been ripped of before anyone know any safe way to tell the systems apart like serial number or something? if this is against TOS i apologize ahead of time.

I need a blue ray player also lol so im hoping on buying one soon but i refuse to buy the new models with cheaper parts and less of the good stuff.

I am a old school player and live in small apartment so i don't like the idea of buying/keeping my bulky old ps2 just to play my old classics.

I haven't been keeping up with PS3 news but i would extremely hate if i pay 500 bucks for a ps3 and they "out of nowhere" release a better version/cheaper of same good version. Similar to DvD to whoever buys them a lot lol i hate buying a dvd and out of nowhere they release the "super duper deluxe edition with never before scenes of the director drinking his coffee lol ha ha ha.
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