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Just ordered a new card (gigabyte 660) a few weeks ago and everything was fine. The issues started happening during Planetside 2 where my GPU usage would be cranked up to 99% and would stay like that even after exiting the game. Someone said it is an issue with mining so I ran a malware scan and got rid of what it found. Everything after that seemed to work fine fine until today when I started playing Titanfall and it's doing the same thing.

It stays like this until I restart. I've wiped my drivers cleaned the reg and reinstalled the drivers. Ran another malware scan and it found nothing. There was one issue where the usage shot up from 0 to 99 when I was just at my desktop.

Edit: I actually found out that it was chrome.exe. Not sure what it is though. I ended the process because I was not familiar with it and is solved the issue, temporarily at least.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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