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having problem with 8400GS (strange Prob)

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hey guys
first its been 2 years for now using the 8400gs with gigabyte 945
and it was cool
and sudnn the gpu is not working anymore with my mb
but it works with any other computer even with the same mb 945
so for now its shud be the slot or somthing
my frind brought me 8500 gt to try it out AND it works
SO please im having an heart attack over her cause how comes

somone explain or help me OUT
thanks ( i know i talk much but this is annoying)
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Please im wating for any help or advise :S
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Use Driver Sweeper to wipe your drivers, then reinstall the 8400 GS. Then get the proper and latest rivers for your card.

You can't switch cards like that, you have to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them each time you swap your card.
sory i didnt mean to bump
for 8500 gt idid remove the driver then reinstall it and worked
but for the 8400gs the monitor wont turn on i cant even see the dos startup screen
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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