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Having serious issues with untangle

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Ok well I got my computer the other night, got it running etc. So Im just going a long and learning the layout on the router. I must of changed something but I don't think I did. I get no internet now.

1. I have went through and changed my Linksys router to disable for DHCP
2. I have set the routers DNS/Gateway to the Untangle router (
3. I have changed every damn setting imagined on the router.
4. since my Linksys is DD-WRT, I assigned the WAN to the switch, since you need DHCP off the router in order for it to work.

Now, the whole issue is, I get no internet to the Linksys router, I do the test connectivity on the Untangle, and it says there is internet to the Untangle, but nothing going to the Linksys. Do I got my DNS/Gateway mixed up? Because I have not done much networking before besides this.
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the CAT5 patch cable from a normal port on your Untangle router should be leading to the WAN port on your Linksys router, or by using a crossover cable from a normal port to a normal port.

make sure that the IP address of the Linksys router is statically set in the same subnet of the Untangle router, and make sure that the actual IP is not conflicting with the Untangle router. I would also turn off any special filters that the Linksys router has, including firewalls and rule sets. you can configure that later if need be.
That's funny because I didn't use a cross over cable. I just have it run from the Untangle to port 1 of my router. Then from port 8 to port 1 of my wireless router.
And everything works fine.
How do you have your network setup? Untangle can run a few ways. I have not yet setup my Untangle server, as I'm still collecting hardware to do so, but I was thinking of going:

Modem -> Untangle PC -> Routers (2 of them, set up as switches) -> Rest of network
Well, I finally got it working for some god reason. I figured out that the router is assigning IP addresses via DHCP. I can see them in ARP, but the router did not accept them for some odd reason. so I went and set them manually on the adapters, to the same as the router assigned, and now it works for everything, I don't understand why but I have no problem manually assigning computers, but I was so confused
Plug Untangle into one of the 4 LAN ports on the Linksys router. Do not plug Untangle into the single WAN port.
I did that and it still did it. But it seems to work fine so far with me manually settings IP's on each of the computers
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