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HD 4850 1GB temps

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The max temp on my HD 4850 1GB under full load from furmark is 85C. Is this normal? The test was ran with the fan speed turned to 100%
My card's clock speeds are 635 and 1008 overclocked slightly. ATI CCC 9.2 was used to OC.
One last thing, im not too sure about which cooler my card uses, because i bought the computer from Acer and the card channels hot air out of the casing.
The card takes up 2 PCI slots.
In GPU-Z, it says the subvendor is Sapphire/PCPartner.
I'm a newbie. Been reading the forum for a while now but this is the first time i'm posting

EDIT: Anyone has ideas of a better overclocking tool and driver for this card?
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85C under furmark with stock cooler is normal. Furmark puts a lot of stress on your video card and thus generate a lot of heat.
Woah that's hot ^_^ but yes video cards are meant to get quite hot.
I'm trying to OC it higher. Planning to get a better cooler for it. How much higher do you think this card with stock cooler can go? And what is the maximum safe temperature the card can withstand before it overheats? I heard someone got 700/1100 for his visiontek HD 4850 stock cooler. Are reference coolers from different manufacturers different or is it just the BIOS?
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