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HD 4870X2 or GTX 280

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I am looking for a card that can play games at a very good framerate and I can't choose between the HD 4870X2 or the GTX 280. I am currently looking at the 4870X2 because for the same price, if not better priced that the GTX 280 it actually performs better.

But I thought I should just ask too see if there actually any good.
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if you got the cash and don't plan on going SLI then get the 4870X2
4870x2 is much faster than one GTX280, unless it is going to be used with that P4 you have on your System. Then you could get a 8800GT and still have that be bottlenecked, but if you are getting a new cpu than 4870x2 is the way to go.
i second that. either way you have a Great card.
HD4870x2 is certainly better than the 280gtx.
Oh, don't mind my P4. I'm getting an i7 620 with an Asus P6T soon.

Originally Posted by Toonshorty View Post
Oh, don't mind my P4. I'm getting an i7 620 with an Asus P6T soon.
? 920 u mean?
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go for the 4870X2. From the benchmarks I've seen, the 4870X2 performs a better than the GTX280 and also, I'm an ATI/AMD person :)
Get the 4870x2, especially if you use AA in your games.
4870x2. Also, 4870x2 is around 330w so check 600w to see the wattage on 12v. Most generic 600w psu has less 400w on 12v.
If you're even considering the 4870x2, get two 4850's instead for half the price, as it's almost as good. Otherwise, get a GTX 280; best GPU out, and it's quite a bit cheaper than the 4870x2. In a few months it'll be cheaper than a single 4870, and you can SLI that puppy.
I have a Visiontek 4870X2 and I love it, it's the best card I have bought so far. Better then my old 8800 GTS 512MB and my Ultra lol. This is the card to buy right now. Plus I thinking about getting an other one for CFX
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arronmonto the GTX 280 was actually beaten in most benchmarks by the HD 4870X2 and they cost around the same so really I think the X2 is better.
If I'm seeing this right your Samsung SyncMaster 171s is a 17 in so either card would be absolutely overkill so if you want to upgrade your gpu get a nice 24in 1920x1200 monitor.

If you want sheer performance on 1 card 4870x2, If you want multiple cards GTX 280 x3
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