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HD 4890 (CF) vs. HD 5770 (CF)

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I've read posts about people discussing how overall performance wise, that a single 4890 will beat out a single 5770.

I was just curious if anyone could either share their personal opinion (or point me in the direction of a review somewhere) of how these cards in dual CF stack up against eachother. The reason I ask is because many people have claimed that the new 5xxx cards scale better in CF and that the AA is also improved upon with Dx 11 (and they're cheaper than the 4890)... and would a single 5870 beat out both of the above said cards in CF mode?
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I would say that yes, a single 5870 comes really close to besting both Crossfire setups. This is especially true where X-fire isn't supported. Most games scale quite well with the 5770 at least from what I've read. The % gained by adding the 2nd card is sometimes near 100% of frames. Keep in mind that the beginning number is slightly lower compared to the 4890 so I suppose it's all to be taken with a grain of salt.

Myself...I bought a 5770 from the FS section earlier today. I will be adding another to it shortly for some Crossfire action once I finally get my UD3P from Newegg. Will be my first Crossfire experience, and I hope with this choice in cards, it's a positive one.
frankly i'd take the 4890's

i'm not impressed by the 5770's when they cost so close to the 4890's, and atm DX11 is a no show.

i also don't doubt they'll do better in Crossfire (due to being faster) but then again, they handle AA really well too...
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