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So, I have been eye balling these a lot lately and I am thinking to myself am I really going to hear a difference in my music?

So you guys answer the question for me, I have the X-FI Xtreme Gamer sound card and the Gamecom 367? I believe that's it but am I really going to see a difference if I switch to these? I mean I play games a bit but I listen to my music more.
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Yes, you definately will.

Those headphones are probably the most popular for gamers and music listeners on here because they are great quality for the price and will destroy any 'Gaming' headset you can buy.

They are only 'entry level' headphones as well in the Audio world
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Alright, Sweet thanks for the comment. I might order these tonight.
Doube post sorry

Just ordered from amazon for 89.95! Free 5-9 day shipping.
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HD555 are very very nice. great treble and powerful bass. very nice headphone and i didn't regret getting it.
good price too.
Yeah, I can not wait to get them!
ah nice, i cant get the dam things any cheaper then 200$ here in Canada such an annoyance lol
Definitely worth the purchase. I got mine a few months back and the bass has seemed to improve the more I use them.
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