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Why am I trying to update an HD 6670? There are two versions. The HD 6670 GDDR5 and the HD 6670 DDR3. The second version is much slower (that is what I have). If I overclock the memory on the DDR3 version I get better performance.

HD 6670 DDR3 performs like an 9800 GT (Stock)
HD 6670 GDDR5 performs like a GTS 250 E Green edition (stock)

That is the difference between playing many games in medium settings, rather than high settings, and much less graphical stuttering.

The problem is that software overclocking is not stable for the card. In my experience BIOS flashed overclocked cards are more stable than software overclocked cards, provided that the clock speeds have been thoroughly stress tested.

What I've learned is that the HD 6670 is included in the group of newer cards that require a digital signature for the BIOS to work. That is why other HD 6XXX cards are supported by RBE, yet the HD 6670 is not listed. You cannot modify the BIOS. When I attempted this, I temporarily bricked the card.

However, you can flash the BIOS of a different manufacturer's card to your card (provided it is the same reference design). My work around was to flash the BIOS of an ASUS HD 6670 to my XFX HD 6670. This is not the overclock that I desired, but it is as close as I'm going to get.

UPDATE: I have resurrected the card.

I've flashed the BIOS of many Nvidia cards using Nibotor and NVflash. (backing up the original BIOS with GPUz). I tried to flash the BIOS of an ATI card, the HD 6670, with RBE (Radeon Bios Editor) and Winflash. This bricked my card. It still posts video in BIOS, but crashes in Windows.

I did back up the original BIOS with GPUz, but I see no way to flash it back. When I first booted using a USB stick ATIflash simply returns Page fault errors. I then removed a stick of memory and found that with one memory module only, I was able to successfully flash the card back to the original state. Then after that I flashed it to a different manufacturer's BIOS to slightly improve performance.
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