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HD dvd and Blue-Ray as basicly hacked already .. now you can back up your media to your harddrive and play your hd dvd movies off your pc this solution would work nice for those that have a media center pc as part of their entertainment centers and do not wish to have to keep getting up to change out your hd-dvds when ya want to watch the next movie just store them on your drive and use a wireless devote to play them from the comfort of your couch.. there is also a video link showing that it has been done as proof.. so much for the DRM bs



Can it be? Is Hollywood's new DRM posterchild AACS (Advanced Access Content System, see more here) actually quite breakable? According to a post on our favoritest of forums (Doom9) by DRM hacker du jour muslix64, his new BackupHDDVD tool decrypts and dismantles AACS on a Windows PC.

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