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HD201 question

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Hey everyone,
I am going to be needing a new pair of headphones for gaming. I'm using Sennheiser HD485's (I LOVE THESE CANS) at Work for music and I think i'm pretty much sold on the HD201's for gaming at home. Is there any difference between the regular HD201's and the HD201 G4MER cans? I'm guessing it's just a naming gimmick to squeeze a few more $$$ out of my pockets.

I may also be looking for a 2.1 speaker setup for home as well. I don't want to spend too much since the majority of the time the sound will be on the headphones. Probably a max of $75. Thanks for the help.
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this has been asked before.
it makes no BIG difference...just a sticker
I have the non Gam3r...its fine.
That's pretty much what i figured. Thanks for the info.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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