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HD2400Pro hits the 'egg!

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Sapphire HD2400Pro: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814102100

GPU Radeon HD 2400PRO
Stream Processors 40 Stream Processor Units
Memory Size 256MB
Memory Interface 64-bit
Memory Type GDDR2
DirectX DirectX 10

Hardware based H.264/VC-1 decoding of Blu-ray and HD DVDs
HDMI with 5.1 surround sound audio

Really great buy for HTPC owners!
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Originally Posted by rsfkevski View Post
64-Bit memory, are you kidding me? This is 2007 right?

Nice find though!
Not really a "high end" type card, or a great performer. It's meant for more low end/multimedia use, hence the HDMI port and 5.1 audio output. I think it's great for HTPC users and it undercuts the nvidia counterpart by a lot of money. (Based in canadian prices anyways
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has a built in sound card too like the 2900xt? If so it will be the #1 htpc video card.
Aww, how cute. So petite.

I'll physically smash it with my brick of a gtx that I'm gonna get. :O
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Wow, now here I was thinking 64-bit would be gone for good. Not in a "pro" series card.
i'm really clueless as to how they make HDMI video/audio work coming out of a DVI port. DVI has had the ability to carry sound with it all this time? can anyone explain this to me?
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