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HD5970 DisplayPort

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Does it support direct VGA output (with a simple pass-through cable) or does it need a full blown converter?
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all you'll need is a dvi to vga converter, those small things came with my 5770, should come with the 5970 too, i don't get what your asking really though, but you'll be able to use vga
Not sure about the 5970 but the 5850 has a HDMI, display port and then 2 DVI ports. I am guessing the 5970 will be the same.
If you want to use the displayport for eyefinity, you'll need an active converter. I believe dell sells one for around $65.
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To convert the display port to VGA you need a full blown converter. As said, the DVI will convert with the plain DVI>VGA adapter.
Well that sucks. Oh well, guess I gotta fork up the cash. Thanks guys.
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Originally Posted by Digital Artist
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My 5970 (Gigabyte) has two (2) DVI outputs. I'm using the white DVI to VGA converter that came with my macbook

No no I'm worried only about the displayport. I have 3 CRTs to run off of it which use analog BNC cables.
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