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HDD Activity Stays On

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I'm not sure whats up here, But everytime I reboot, My hdd activity light stays on for along time, Then goes off. I just rebooted 5 mins ago and its still on.

The jumpers for the hdd led's are on their correct pins.
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Have you tried flipping the cable around. Mine stays on when they are on backwards.
No, But I wouldnt think it would turn off at all if it was backwards. But i'll give it a try. I havent changed anything.
does it happen in xp or vista? if in vista then you can check the performance monitor in task manager to see which program is accessing it
It could just be superfetch going to work. Check out your processes to see what is using the HD. Superfetch will be svchost.exe .
Try turning off your index search thing. That could be the problem too.
Hmm, I had superfetch turned off, But went to services and it was on. Turned it off, Now the lights off. Wonder why it came back on.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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