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HDD Benchmark Tool

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Whats the best one to use? I want to document the difference between my standard 160GB drives vs. my Raptors.

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CrystalMark 09 is a decent one
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No prob...it only does read/write and stuff, but tells you the bandwith and stuff..you don't have to run the whole test for it, just click the HDD
HD Tach is what alot of people here on the forum use. Its a good program.

Yes, HDTack is good but a lot of people look at the burst rate when using it. Burst rate doesn't mean squat (forthemostpart).
Mike, how'd it turn out?
I'm gonna run the test on the Raptors shortly after my other two hard drives finish formatting. I'll post back some results.
what's the highest anyone has gotten thus far on either rate? with hdd tach that is?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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