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hdd going bad?

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Well I turned the PC on today and the BIOS says that the HDD on Primary Master is bad and that I need to backup and replace. Well I boot to Vista and I keep getting this popup that says it has detected a hdd problem and I need to backup the data on it immediately. Is it actually going bad and if so, when will it stop working at all? I can still use the drive in My Computer. It's an extra hdd in the case.
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Check the health of the drive with this, http://www.hdtune.com/ RMA it if it's still under warranty
did that and it failed the reallocated sector count. Passed everything else.
High reallocated sector count = drive is going bad, RMA it.
lol can't RMA it. It was a drive someone gave me. Guess I got some use out of it since it was a freebie. I got a 300 and a 250 gig left.
Your drive will die soon, so backup all your stuff asap to a external or something. Cuz shes on her way to heaven lol,,,

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did that and it failed the reallocated sector count. Passed everything else.

This drive is already losing your data. Stop using it immediately if you have anything important on it! And, hard drive manufacturers rarely tie the warranty to the original purchaser, so you might be able to RMA it anyway. Can't hurt to check. Just put the serial # in at the manufacturer's website to see if it still has warranty.
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